Earn and Transfer College Credits

Students have the opportunity to earn college credit through taking
CCP (Career and College Promise) classes at DCCC
AP (Advanced Placement) classes at CDHS
CTE (Career & Technical Education) Courses at CDHS
Below is how you can earn credit....
Career and College Promise DCCC Courses
Students can take two types of college credit courses while still a high school student
- 4 year college transferable courses- usually marked as CAA (Comprehensive Articulation Agreement)
- 2 year college courses- usually aimed at learning job skills, ie Welding, Automotive, Cosmetology, etc.
***WARNING**** Ask questions and research about whether a course will transfer to a four year college before taking it. Some private colleges such as Duke, Wake Forest, Davidson, will not accept CCP credits.
University of NC System- NC Community College Transfer Information
Check out our Videos page to watch videos about applying to DCCC as a CCP student, creating DCCC schedule, earning college credit while a CDHS student....
AP Courses
Students can earn AP credit by completing an AP course AND taking the AP course in May AND earning a score high enough to receive credit. AP scores range from 1-5 and most colleges require you to earn a minimum of a 3 to earn credit.
Check out info, FAQs, and college links on the following website. 
CTE College Credit
Students can earn DCCC college credit for completing some CTE courses at CDHS. The Davidson County Schools CTE website has great information about requirements, courses, and how to earn this credit.
To receive credit, you have to
  1. Receive a final course average of B (80) or higher in the course.
  2. Receive a final exam grade of A on the standardized CTE Post-Assessment.
  3. Submit credit paperwork to DCCC with proofs.