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DCS Public Safety Academy Information Sessions

DCS New Public Safety Academy Information Sessions

High school students who are interested in careers as firefighters, law enforcement officers, security officers, and attorneys are encouraged to attend one of the information sessions for the new Public Safety Academy.


Band Concerts

Time: 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Location: Lexington Civic Center

Spartan Spotlight

Picture of students at Mock Career Fair for Health Team Relations
As part of the Health Careers & Career Exploratory Units, Mrs. Bryant's Health Teams Relations students recently held a Mock Career Fair in the Media Center.
Students studied and researched various health careers, learning the job descriptions, education, skills, salaries, job outlook, equipment that the professional might use on the job, and uniform dress for the job. The students then created models and brochures to represent their career and dressed in career attire to present to the school. 25 different careers were represented...Veterinarian, Optician, Registered Nurse, Pediatrician, Biomedical Engineer, Medical Illustrator, Geneticist, Phlebotomist, Radiologic Technician, Laboratory Technician, MOrtician, Embalmer, EMT, Paramedic.

It was a huge success!  We had a great turnout with many classes attending and asking the students lots of good questions. Some teachers even required their students to take notes and bring back information to share with their class.