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Student Services » College Scholarships- Start Your Search Now!

College Scholarships- Start Your Search Now!

Check out the scholarship search links on left side of screen!
This will be the location where we will place information about scholarships that we have received. Please check back often!
Note- We receive information on a small percentage of scholarships available to you. Please use the scholarship search engines on the left to do your own searching. Also, don't forget to search the websites of colleges and universities you are applying. The largest funds can come from the school you attend through merit/need based scholarships and aid.

*** AKA Scholarship- for African American female going to historically black college. $500- Due to Ms. Paul by March 29!


*** American Legion Legacy Scholarship- Deadline April 15!

*** Automotive Technician Scholarships- numerous scholarships

Automotive Aftermarket Scholarship- for students wanting to work on cars after they are made
Other Automotive Scholarship links

*** Beyond the Cure Ambassador Scholarship- apply if you have survived childhood cancer- $3500- 40 awards- Deadline March 31, 2019!

*** Black Excel Scholarships list- minority focused scholarships-some deadlines have passed, but some still active!

*** Carolinas Food Industry Council Scholarships- $2500- 40 awards- Deadline March 25, 2019!

*** CFNC Scholarship List- Lots of scholarships listed on CFNC. Varies deadlines!

*** DCAE- Davidson County Association of Educators- Scholarship- $250- Submit to Ms. Paul by March 28!


*** Davidson County Community College Scholarships- 4 different scholarships- 1 application- Return to Ms. Paul by April 1, 2019! 

*** Davidson County Teaching Scholarships- Davidson County has teaching scholarships for students willing to return to the county to teach. Early 2019

*** Davidson Water Scholarship- $2000- Parent/household must be customer to apply. Due to their office by March 29, 2019!

*** Delta Sigma Theta Sorority- Must be African American female to apply. Deadline March 31, 2019!

See Ms. Paul in office for application.

*** Energy United Student Scholarship Program- $5000- Deadline March 29, 2019!

*** Forsyth Tech Community College Scholarships- 60+ different scholarships- Apply April 3- April 30!

***Foundation for the Carolinas- This foundation offers scholarships in the Carolinas. Search to see if any apply to you.

*** Generation Google Scholarship- underrepresented students in Computer Science- Deadline March 18!!

*** GMIS Scholarship Program- underrepresented students going into STEM fields- Deadline April 1!!!

*** Golden Leaf Scholarship- large scholarships for students who demonstrate financial need. Available for 2 and 4 year colleges. Deadline in March!

*** Jolene Settle Memorial Scholarship- $500- going into education field- Davidson County student will receive. Deadline April 2, 2019!

*** KFC Reach Educational Grant- must be a KFC Employee- $3000- 50 awards- Deadline March 28, 2019!

*** Lauren's Ladder Scholarship- Lauren Cecil Memorial Scholarship- $1000- a CDHS student will receive this. Deadline May 6, 2019!

 Graduating senior at Central Davidson Senior High School, in good standing
- Acceptance to an accredited two or four year college or university in the United States 
- Demonstrated involvement in competitive swimming and community service

*** Lift Parts Express NC Scholarship- $500- Click on blue dropdown box- Deadline June 30, 2019!

*** Live Beard Scholarship- Easy to apply. Don't need to have a beard. Deadline August 1, 2019!

*** Martha Thompson Scholarship- $500- to one Davidson County student- Deadline March 29, 2019!

*** Memorial Golf Scholarship- Must love golf to apply- Deadline April 20, 2019!

*** NAACP Davidson Chapter Scholarship- Local scholarship- $500- Deadline May 17!

*** NC Accountants Scholarship- $750- Deadline April 15!

*** NC Reach- Age 18-25 AND aged out of NC public foster care OR adopted from foster care after age 12. Potential full paid scholarship.

DO NOT APPLY your senior year. Wait until the summer after you graduate to apply!

*** NC Athletic Association Scholarships- various deadlines into the spring

*** NC Restaurant and Lodging Association Scholarship- Several scholarships for students wanting to go into food/hospitality field. Deadline March 20, 2019!

*** NC State Scholarships- various deadlines. Make sure you don't miss any!

*** NC Tailor Made Lawns Scholarship Fund- $1000- Deadline June 30, 2019!

*** Odenza Marketing Group Scholarship- $500- Deadline March 30!

*** Plumbersstock Scholarship- for HVAC and Plumbing students- $2000- Deadline March 31!

***Robin Waitman Fulp Memorial Scholarship- $2000 to one CDHS student- Due by April 2, 2019!

Submit application and all supporting materials to Ms. Paul by deadline.

*** Society of Women Engineers- females going into Engineering- Apply March 1- May 1!

*** SP High School Scholarships- 10 awards of $10K each- Deadline March 31!

*** State Employees Association of NC Scholarships- 49 awards of $1000- Deadline April 15, 2019!!!

*** Toptal Scholarships for Women- 5 awards for $10K each. Deadline March 31!

*** UNCF Scholarships- multiple dates and scholarships throughout the year

Scholarships below have passed deadlines- great for underclassmen to explore options. Some are also available for you to apply while in college!

*** ACT Champion Scholarship- 22 or higher composite on ACT exam, have overcome obstacles in life. 

*** ADK Scholarships- Email with applications sent to student emails. Due February 1!!!

*** Allegacy Credit Union Scholarships- Deadline February 1!

*** Alzheimer's Foundation Scholarship- Essay contest- Deadline February 15!


*** Appalachian State Access Scholarship- Full paid- Need based

*** Architects Foundation Scholarship- underrepresented students in Architecture. Deadline January 16!!

*** AXA Achievement Scholarship- over $1.4 MILLION in scholarships annually- December 14!

*** Blacks at Microsoft Scholarship- Students going into technology fields- Deadline March 8!!

*** Burger King Scholarships- $3.7 MILLION each year- December 15

*** Cheatham- White Scholarship- NC A&T- November 15

**** Coca Cola Scholars- 1,400 scholarships each year- $3.55 million!!!- October 31

*** CrossLites Scholarship Program- $4000- 27 awards- Deadline December 31!

***Davidson County Education Foundation Scholarships- look at directions on each one to see if you qualify. Apply to as many as you can. Due to Ms. Paul by March 15, 2019!

DO NOT request transcripts for these scholarships. Submit applications and Ms. Paul will print/place with your application. Saves on envelopes!
Two or four year- major in Business
Four year- major in Teaching
Four year- major in Teaching
Four year- major in Business or Business Education
Two or four year- any major- senior athlete with B+ average
Two or four year- any major
Four year- major in Teaching
Plans to attend DCCC
Four year- major in Music

***Davidson County Master Gardener-$1000- students interested in Agriculture field- Deadline March 1, 2019!

*** Dell Scholars- December 1

*** Dr. Juan Andrade Jr. Scholarship- have at least one parent of Hispanic ancestry- November 30

*** Donald and Barbara Mozley Scholarship- $5000- 7 awards- Deadline March 15, 2019!

*** ELKS Most Valuable Student Scholarship- November 15

*** Final Fantasy Fan Scholarship- $1000- Deadline December 15!

*** Foot Locker Scholar Athletes- $20,000- 20 Awards- Deadline December 14!

*** Gamma Alpha Scholarship- Female students- Due March 15, 2019!!!

*** Gates Millennium Scholars- HUGE Scholarship for minority students. Deadline Sept 18!

*** GE- Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program- $10K per year for 4 years.- January 4

***Hispanic Scholarship Fund- lots of scholarships- merit based. Deadline February 15!

*** Horatio Alger Scholarships- Need based- $16 million awarded in 2018. Deadline October 25!

*** Information Security Undergraduate Scholarship- $5000- 20 awards- Deadline March 1, 2019!

*** James Cox Photography Scholarships- $2500- 11 awards- November 15, 2018

*** Light on the Hill Society Scholarship- UNC Chapel Hill- African American students- Deadline March 3, 2019!

*** Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation- Must have parent or grandparent connection to Marines- Deadline March 1!

***Matthew C. Graziadei Achievement Scholarship- For student with disability- Deadline February 13!!

*** MIT Think Scholars- $1000 to complete a proposed project- January 1!

*** Overachievers Student Grant- $12,500- 1 award- Deadline December 31!

*** Physics Teacher Scholarship- December 1

*** Redfin Scholarship- $2500- Deadline January 31, 2019!


*** Ron Brown Scholarship Program- African American Students- $40,000, 10 awards- January 9!

*** Safe Pedestrians Scholarship- $1000- Deadline January 31, 2019!


*** Science Ambassador Scholarship- A full–tuition scholarship for a woman in science, technology, engineering, or math. Deadline December 11!

*** Shelton Leadership Scholarship- NC State- Apply to NC State by October 15!

*** Sixt Scholarship- November 30

*** Skilled Labor Shortage Scholarship- 6 awards of $2500- Deadline March 15!

*** Space Club Scholarship- November 30

*** Stop Hunger Scholarship- Scholarship $ for student and $ for their project.- December 5

*** SECU People Helping People Scholarships- Worth $10,000- Applications emailed to seniors on Jan 14, 2019. Due to Ms. Paul by March 12!

***Teaching Fellow Scholars- Elon, Methodist, UNC, UNCC, NC State. $4,125/semester. Deadline Jan 7!

*** The Point Scholarship- National LGBTQ Scholarship fund- 4 year and 2 year scholarships- Deadline January 28!

*** Thiel Fellowship- $100,000- 30 awards- Deadline December 31!

This is NOT a scholarship, but a grant for students who want to "build and design things" instead of going to a traditional college.

*** US JCI Foundation Scholarships- follow directions carefully and send to NC rep on website. Postmark deadline January 11!

*** VIP Voice Scholarship- $5000- Deadline January 31, 2019!


*** Wendy's Heisman Scholarship- Deadline October 17!