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These scholarships were posted in the previous school year and will be updated as new info arrives!
This will be the location where we will place information about scholarships that we have received. Please check back often!
Note- We receive information on a small percentage of scholarships available to you. Please use the scholarship search engines on the left to do your own searching. Also, don't forget to search the websites of colleges and universities you are applying. The largest funds can come from the school you attend through merit/need based scholarships and aid.

*** Avive $750 College Scholarships- due dates in November and June.

*** Black Excel Scholarships list- minority focused scholarships


*** Boy Scouts of America

*** CFNC Scholarship List- Lots of scholarships listed on CFNC. Varies deadlines!

***Foundation for the Carolinas- This foundation offers scholarships in the Carolinas. Search to see if any apply to you.


Mike Rowe Works Scholarship


*** NACME Scholarships - $2,500, 1000 Awards! *African-American, Latinx, Native/American Indian students planning to study engineering or computer science.* Various due dates.

*** NC Community Foundation- CDHS students can apply for statewide scholarships through this foundation. Check it out.

*** NC Reach- Age 18-25 AND aged out of NC public foster care OR adopted from foster care after age 12. Potential full paid scholarship.

DO NOT APPLY your senior year. Wait until the summer after you graduate to apply!

*** NC State Scholarships- various deadlines. Make sure you don't miss any!

*** UNCF Scholarships- multiple dates and scholarships throughout the year

August Deadlines
September Deadlines

*** Be Bold Scholarship - $10,000 - 1 Award, GPA of at least 2.5


*** Davidson College Scholarships- Processes start in September. Different deadlines.

*** Morehead-Cain Scholarship (UNC) and Parks Scholarship (NC State)- If you wish to be considered for the CDHS school nomination, please complete nomination form. It was also sent to student emails. Due Sept 18!


*** Nitro Scholarship - 12 awards, GPA of at least 2.5

October Deadlines

*** Appalachian State Access Scholarship- Full paid- Need based.

  • Submit the Application for Admission by November 1 and submit all supporting material, such as transcripts and test scores by November 15.

*** Appalachian State University- scholarships on their website- various deadlines.

**** Coca Cola Scholars- 1,400 scholarships each year- $3.55 million!!!- Deadline in October.

*** Horatio Alger Scholarships- Need based- $16 million awarded in 2018. Deadline in October.


*** Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship - Multiple awards - due October 30th. Must have a GPA of at least 3.5, have financial need. 

*** Levine Scholarship- UNC Charlotte- Deadline October. See senior counselor to be nominated.

*** Lenoir Rhyne Teaching Scholars Program- Contact senior counselor for recommendation by October 8.

The average LR student eligible for this program receives approximately $16,000 per year in scholarships and grants from the institution.

*** NC State Centennial Scholarship program. See counselor for endorsement.

Designed for students who are interested in career fields such as engineering, business management, design, chemistry, polymers, forensics, medical fields, fashion merchandising and retail management.
  • ITT Centennial Scholarship
    • Awarded to the top Centennial
    • $22,000 / year for 4 years and $7,500 in enrichment funds
  • Kimbrell Centennial Scholarship
    • Awarded to the 2nd top Centennial
    • $20,000 / year for 4 years and $7,500 in enrichment funds
  • Centennial Scholarship
    • $15,000 / year for 4 years and $7,500 in enrichment funds
    • Up to 8 awarded per year
  • Pioneer Scholarship
    • $14,000 / year for four years and $4,000 in enrichment funds
    • Up to 4 awarded per year
  • North Carolina Textile Foundation Scholarship
    • $5,000 / year for 4 years
  • Prestige Scholarship
    • minimum award is $2,500 / year for 4 years
Competitive applicants demonstrate high academic achievement, strong leadership qualities, involvement in extracurricular activities and civic engagement and an interest in textile-related careers. For scholarship consideration, students must submit a NC State admissions application by the November 1 deadline. 

*** Niche "No Essay" College Scholarship - just make an account to be entered


*** NSHSS STEM Scholarships - multiple awards, due mid October. Must be pursing a STEM discipline, must have a 3.0

*** Share Your Dream Job No-Essay Scholarship - make a TikTok video about a day in the life of your dream job!


*** Shelton Leadership Scholarship- NC State- Apply to NC State by mid October.


*** Women's Ministries Scholarship Program - multiple awards - due mid October, must be a woman unable to attend college without financial help, committed to serving the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

November Deadlines

*** Cheatham- White Scholarship- NC A&T- Deadline in November.

*** Davidson County Teaching Scholarships- Davidson County has teaching scholarships for students willing to return to the county to teach. Can apply as senior and during college. Fall deadline in November. Deadline for spring is in March, but students can apply again in the fall, next spring, etc.

*** Dr. Juan Andrade Jr. Scholarship- have at least one parent of Hispanic ancestry- Deadline in November.

*** Driver Education Initiative Scholarship- $500- 6 awards- Deadline November

*** ELKS Most Valuable Student Scholarship- Deadline in November.

*** G2 Overachievers Student Grant- Looking for achievement outside the classroom, $15,000- 1 Award- Deadline November

*** NC Athletic Association Scholarships- Various deadlines November- April

*** James Cox Photography Scholarships- $2500- 11 awards- Deadline in November.

*** Opportunity for Black Women Scholarship- $1,000, 1 award- Deadline November.

*** Prudential Spirit of Community- Deadline November.

*** Sixt Scholarship- Deadline in November.

*** Space Club Scholarship- $10,000- 1 Award, Deadline in November. Have the intention of pursuing a career in the STEM fields.

*** Thomas Wolfe Scholarship- UNC Chapel Hill- Deadline in November.

December Deadlines

*** AXA Achievement Scholarship- over $1.4 MILLION in scholarships annually. Deadline in December OR until 10K scholarship submitted.

*** Burger King Scholarships- $3.7 MILLION each year- Deadline in December.

*** Dell Scholars- Deadline in December.

*** Foot Locker Scholar Athletes- $20,000- 20 Awards- Deadline in December.

*** Imagine America Scholarships- $1000- 5 awards- Deadline in December.


*** Innovation Scholarship - $2,500 - 6 awards, must have participated in a project within the community and demonstrate how that has contributed to your growth as an individual

*** Knight Essay Scholarship- 3 awards ranging from $1K-$5K- Deadline in December.

*** Lamber-Goodnow Scholarships- $1000- 8 awards- Deadline December

*** Make the U Scholarship- $1000- 100 Awards- Deadline December. Must be Hispanic to apply.

*** National Field Archery Scholarship Program- $500-$2500- Deadline in December. Must be competitive in archery.


*** Pfeiffer Writing Scholarship- Deadline in December. Starts in September.

*** Physics Teacher Scholarship- Deadline in December

*** Science Ambassador Scholarship- A full–tuition scholarship for a woman in science, technology, engineering, or math. Deadline December.

*** Stop Hunger Scholarship- Scholarship $ for student and $ for their project.- Deadline in December.

*** Thiel Fellowship- $100,000- 30 awards- Deadline in December.

This is NOT a scholarship, but a grant for students who want to "build and design things" instead of going to a traditional college.

*** Wealth Wise Scholarship- $1000, 1 Award- Deadline December. Planning a major in finance/business industry.

January Deadlines

*** Bezos Scholars Program- for high school JUNIORS!!! Deadline January.

*** Future Contractors Scholarship- $750- Deadline in January.

*** GE- Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program- $10K per year for 4 years. Deadline January. 

*** MIT Think Scholars- $1000 to complete a proposed project- Deadline in January.

*** Redfin Scholarship- $2500- Deadline in January.

*** Ron Brown Scholarship Program- African American Students- $40,000, 10 awards- Deadline January.

*** Safe Pedestrians Scholarship- $1000- Deadline in January.

***Teaching Fellow Scholars- Elon, Methodist, UNC, UNCC, NC State. $4,125/semester. Deadline in January.

*** The Point Scholarship- National LGBTQ Scholarship fund- 4 year and 2 year scholarships- Deadline in January.

*** US JCI Foundation Scholarships- follow directions carefully and send to NC rep on website. Deadline in January.

*** VIP Voice Scholarship- $5000- Deadline in January.

February Deadlines

*** Allegacy Credit Union Scholarships- Deadline in February.

*** Alzheimer's Foundation Scholarship- Essay contest- Deadline in February.

*** Architects Foundation Scholarship- underrepresented students in Architecture. Deadline in February.

*** DAR National Scholarships- multiple scholarships across different academic areas. Deadline February!

***Hispanic Scholarship Fund- lots of scholarships- merit based. Deadline in February.

***Matthew C. Graziadei Achievement Scholarship- For student with disability- Deadline in February.

*** Tom and Susan Michael Engineering Scholarship- UNC Charlotte- will go to a Davidson County student- $1500. Deadline in February.

March Deadlines

*** ADK Scholarships- Deadline March

*** AKA Scholarship- for African American female going to historically black college. $500- Due to senior counselor in March. 

*** Automotive Technician Scholarships- numerous scholarships- Deadline in March

Automotive Aftermarket Scholarship- for students wanting to work on cars after they are made. Apply for their scholarship and you will also be considered for others.

*** Beyond the Cure Ambassador Scholarship- apply if you have survived childhood cancer- $3500- 40 awards- Deadline in March.

*** Blacks at Microsoft Scholarship- Students going into technology fields- Deadline in March.

*** Boule Foundation Scholarship- 5 awards of $4000, must be African-American student- Deadline in March.


*** Carolinas Food Industry Council Scholarships- $2500- 40 awards- Deadline in March.

*** DCAE- Davidson County Association of Educators- Scholarship- $250- Deadline extended to May 1. Students and recommenders send their completed form and recommendations to  Forms are below so that they can simply fill in the missing fields. Students and recommenders just need to make sure that the student name and "DCAE SCHOLARSHIP" are both in the subject line.  New forms below... If you have already completed old forms, those can be sent to the email above by May 1.

***Davidson County Master Gardener-$1000- students interested in Agriculture field- Deadline in March.

***DCU for Kids Scholarship- Deadline March

Last year, DCU for Kids awarded 90 scholarships totaling approximately $165,000 to graduating high school seniors judged most likely to excel at a college or university.

*** Donald and Barbara Mozley Scholarship- $5000- 7 awards- Deadline in March.

*** Energy United Student Scholarship Program- $5000- Any CDHS senior can apply because they attend CDHS and we have Energy United. Deadline in March.

*** Gamma Alpha Scholarship- Female students- Deadline in March.

*** Generation Google Scholarship- underrepresented students in Computer Science- Deadline in March.

*** Golden Leaf Scholarship- large scholarships for students who demonstrate financial need. Available for 2 and 4 year colleges. Deadline in March.

*** Information Security Undergraduate Scholarship- $5000- 20 awards- Deadline in March.

*** ISEF Regeneron Scholarship Awards- Numerous monetary awards available through involvement in science competitions. Top prize $75,000. More info on website for students who are interested in competing.

*** Judge George Fuller Scholarship- scholarship through Davie County Community Foundation, but Davidson County students can apply. Deadline March 4!

*** Kezian Science Scholarship- $1200- Deadline in March.

*** KFC Reach Educational Grant- must be a KFC Employee- $3000- 50 awards- Deadline in March.

***Legal Support Staff of NC- Deadline early March!

Application and info below.

*** Light on the Hill Society Scholarship- UNC Chapel Hill- African American students- Deadline in March.

*** Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation- Must have parent or grandparent connection to Marines- Deadline in March.

*** Martha Thompson Scholarship- $500- to one Davidson County student- Deadline in March.

***Mattress Advisor Sleep Scholarships- $1000- Deadline in March!

*** NC Restaurant and Lodging Association Scholarship- Several scholarships for students wanting to go into food/hospitality field. Deadline in March.

*** Odenza Marketing Group Scholarship- $500- Deadline in March

*** Paul S. Mills Scholarship- 20 awards of $1000- Deadline in March.

Must be pursuing a course of study in a financial service field.

*** Plumbersstock Scholarship- for HVAC and Plumbing students- $2000- Deadline in March.

*** Skilled Labor Shortage Scholarship- 6 awards of $2500- Deadline in March

*** SECU People Helping People Scholarships- Worth $10,000- Applications sent to student emails on December 17, 2020. Due to senior counselor by March 10.

*** Toptal Scholarships for Women- 5 awards for $10K each. Deadline in March.

April Deadlines

*** Allen Chi Gaming Scholarship- 25 awards of $5000- Deadline in April!

*** American Legion Legacy Scholarship- Deadline in April!

*** AMVETS National Scholarship- 12 awards- $4000- Deadline April!

*** Charles Ullman and Associates Scholarships- 3 scholarships, Essay competition. Deadline April!

*** Davidson County Community College Scholarships- 4 different scholarships- 1 application- Return to senior counselor by April 27. Please be prepared to use our dropoff plan near the end of April to drop off your application. It can also be scanned/emailed to

*** DCAEOP Scholarship- 3 scholarships of $500 each- will go to Davidson County students- Update April 2- they will be meeting soon to determine next steps. More info to come.

These are OLD forms, new forms will be uploaded soon..

*** DCSIA Scholarship- $500 scholarship- Deadline in April!

*** Delta Sigma Theta Sorority- Must be African American female to apply. Deadline extended to April 30!

*** Forsyth Tech Community College Scholarships- 60+ different scholarships- Apply in April!

***Jerry Hampton Scholarship- Two or four year- any major- senior athlete with B+ average. Use Google form below to submit application. Log out all non-Davidson County Schools email accounts before using Google Form for application. Deadline is April 22!


*** Jolene Settle Memorial Scholarship- $500- going into education field- Davidson County student will receive. Deadline in April. New forms each year.

*** GMIS Scholarship Program- underrepresented students going into STEM fields- Deadline in April.

*** Lindsey Taylor Hipp Memorial Scholarship Application- A CDHS student will receive this- $500. Due to senior counselor by April!

These are OLD forms, new forms will be uploaded in 2020.

*** Memorial Golf Scholarship- Must love golf to apply- Deadline in April!

These are OLD forms, new forms will be uploaded in 2020.

*** NC Accountants Scholarship- $750- Deadline in April! Application below...

***NC Child Support Council Scholarship- $1000- $500 per semester for freshman year. Deadline in April. Application below.

***NDS McCullough Communications Scholarship (1st-$2,000 & 2nd-$1,500)- Deadline in April!

For students interested in the communications end of the dairy industry. There is one scholarship for high school seniors, BUT a lot of scholarships for college students with different qualifications, but still the dairy/agriculture field.

*** Project Yellow Light Video Scholarship- 10 awards of $5000- Deadline in April.

***Robin Waitman Fulp Memorial Scholarship- $1000 renewable for 4 years to one CDHS student-  use Google forms below to submit documents. Log out all non-Davidson County Schools email accounts before using Google Form for application. Recommenders can use non-DCS emails. Deadline is April 22!


*** State Employees Association of NC Scholarships- 49 awards of $1000- Deadline April!!!

*** Younce, Vtipil & Baznik North Carolina Scholarship- $1000 and $500 scholarships- Deadline April 1

May Deadlines

***Davidson County Education Foundation Scholarships- look at directions on each one to see if you qualify. Apply to as many as you can.  Deadline is May 25!

Scholarships are now being accepted via Google Form submission. Please use the Google Forms below to submit apps and have recommenders submit recommendations. The applications below are the same ones shown on the application video. You will need information on these paper applications to know what to submit in the Google Form.
Scholarship Application-
Scholarship Recommendation Link-
Two or four year- major in Business
Four year- major in Teaching
Four year- major in Teaching
Four year- major in Business or Business Education
Two or four year- any major
Four year- major in Teaching
Plans to attend DCCC
Four year- major in Music
Four year- prefer math/science

*** Davidson Water Scholarship- $2000- Parent/household must be customer to apply. Update April 12- Deadline extended until May 15. Must be delivered/mailed to their office. Please allow us time to get you a transcript. Applications already submitted will be honored, do not submit a new application.


***DT Lions Club Scholarship Program- They use funds from annual golf tournament to fund scholarship. Since they could not hold event, the scholarship will not take place this year. 

*** Lauren's Ladder Scholarship- Lauren Cecil Memorial Scholarship- $1000- a CDHS student will receive this. Deadline in May!

 Graduating senior at Central Davidson Senior High School, in good standing
- Acceptance to an accredited two or four year college or university in the United States 
- Demonstrated involvement in competitive swimming and community service
This would have been Lauren's graduation year. Scholarship selectors decided this year to pick from students who have been involved with the organization. No application this year.

*** NAACP Davidson Chapter Scholarship- Local scholarship- $500- Deadline May!

These are OLD forms, new forms will be uploaded in 2020.

*** Paradigm Challenge Scholarship- ages 4-18- individual or teams- Top 100 entries win up to $100K- Deadline in May!

***PBJ Scholarship- Deadline May

The PB&J scholarship awards students who have experienced challenges in their life that may not have allowed them to perform well academically but still have the drive to succeed.

*** SILA Foundation Scholarships- $2500- 10 Awards- Deadline May!

Majors- Business Admin, Education, Finance, Accounting, Insurance, Marketing, Mathematics

*** Society of Women Engineers- females going into Engineering- Apply March 1- May 1!

*** Spence Reese Scholarship- 4 scholarships- $6000 for 3 years- Deadline Extended to May 1.

Four Spence Reese Scholarships are awarded each year, one each in the following fields of study. The scholarship is open to ALL high school seniors pursuing a college degree in the following fields: 
  • Medicine 
  • Engineering 
  • Law
  • Political Science
Scholarship award is $6,000 annually for three years.

*** Tisha Scott Memorial Scholarship. Deadline in May

These are OLD forms, new forms will be uploaded in 2020.

*** Young Artist Scholarship- for continued study in Art- one Davidson County student- $500- Deadline in May!

June Deadlines

***Automotive Women's Association Scholarship- $2500- 15 awards- Deadline June!

*** College Board Opportunity Scholarship- must start summer BEFORE Senior year!

*** Got a Spine Scholarship- $500- Deadline June!

***Hylan Family Scholarship- $2500- Deadline June 30!

*** Lift Parts Express NC Scholarship- $500- Click on blue dropdown box- Deadline June!

*** NC Tailor Made Lawns Scholarship Fund- $1000- Deadline June!

*** Pureland Supply Skilled Trades Scholarship- $1000 Deadline June!

Trade or vocational schools

*** Live Beard Scholarship- Easy to apply. Don't need to have a beard. Deadline August 1, 2020!

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