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Grading Expectations

Class Expectations

1. Be prompt: You should be in your assigned seat with all materials needed for class and ready to work when the bell rings.
2. Be prepared: You should have all materials with you when you come to class. 
3. Be respectful: You should respect students and teachers and their property as well as school property. This includes such common courtesies as politeness, raising your hand to be recognized, listening while others are speaking, remaining in your seat during presentations, and keeping the room clean. Students will be required to sign a statement adhering to the usage of hardware and software, including the Internet.
4. Follow directions: All students are expected to follow the above classroom expectations as well as any other directions for classroom or school activities on a daily basis.
5. Follow DCS Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources: Students will receive a copy of this policy and it will be covered on the first day of school. Students and parents will be asked to sign that they have read and understand the policy. 
6. Only view videos/listen to music with teacher permission; downloading and streaming are not allowed because they slow down the school-wide network.
7. Instant messaging programs/games are not allowed school computers.
8. Do NOT remove or install any software on any CDHS computer unless directed to do so by your teacher.