Adobe Video Syllabus

Adobe Video Syllabus


 Career and Technical Education

Teacher: Mrs. Brooke Wheeles           

Email: [email protected]



Digital Video: Foundations of Video Design and Production is a project-based curriculum that develops career and communication skills in digital video production, using Adobe tools. The Digital Video curriculum develops four key skill areas: project management and collaboration; design; research and communication; and professional video production, using Adobe tools.



1.00             Understand project requirements for video projects

2.00             Understand digital video

3.00             Understanding the Adobe Premiere Pro interface

4.00             Apply procedures to edit a video sequence with Adobe Premiere

5.00             Apply procedures to export a video with Adobe Premiere

5.01             Demonstrate knowledge of export options for video

5.02             Demonstrate knowledge of how to export video from Adobe Premiere


Grading Criteria

The grading criteria is broken into classroom quizzes, tests, projects and the final assessment. This content prepares students for the following Adobe Certified Associate exam:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro


Grading Scale

Major Works............60%

Test, projects, presentations, etc.

Minor Works ......... 40%

Quizzes, classwork, notebooks, journals


TOTAL 100%


Class Expectations and Policies:

All students should be mature, motivated, and willing to broaden their understanding of the course material, and be ready, willing, and able to work hard every day. This course is demanding, and successful completion requires full determination and dedication from beginning to end.

  1. Log onto the computer and begin the daily assignment upon entering the classroom.
  2. Respect your teacher, your classmates, and the equipment.
  3. Be quiet and respectful when the teacher is talking or when a student is asking/answering a


  1. Food and drink are not allowed so as to protect the equipment.
  2. Projects and Assignments will have specific deadlines that must be met.
  3. Follow DCS Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources: Students will receive a copy of this

policy and it will be covered on the first day of school. Students and parents will be asked

to sign that they have read and understand the policy.

  1. Only view videos/listen to music with teacher permission; downloading and streaming are

not allowed because they slow down the school-wide network.

  1. Instant messaging programs/games are not allowed on school computers.
  2. Put all materials away at the end of the class, leaving area neat with chairs pushed under


10.Teacher dismisses class – not the bell (NO LINING UP AT THE DOOR).

All school policies and classroom rules will be rigidly enforced -- no exceptions!

Students must be familiar with and abide by the guidelines in the Student Handbook pertaining to

such areas as discipline, attendance, appearance, electronics policy, academic honesty, etc.


Missed Assignments

All projects and assignments may be accessed through Canvas website anywhere there is an Internet connection. Independent assessments and projects must be completed by the deadlines.

Students absent from class for any reason will be expected to obtain and make up missed work by the deadlines. (Please see me if you have extenuating circumstances.) Make up work must be completed within 5 days of absence. The student should refer to the website for handouts, homework, announcements, etc.


       Attendance Policy

Attendance is crucial in all classes. The attendance policy, as well as, other policies outlined in the Central Davidson High School Handbook will be followed. If a student is absent it is the student’s responsibility to ask for any missed work.



  1. All assignments must be saved as last name, first name-assignment (ex. Wheeles,Brooke-sandwich) in the upper right-hand corner of the paper.
  2. Any cheating will result in a zero.

Please feel free to contact me if you ever have any questions or concerns.


Below you will find my schedule. E-mail is the quickest way for me to respond, however I can take phone calls during my planning and before/after school.


Period Time Class


1st Period

8:00 - 9:35

Adobe Video

2nd Period

9:41 - 11:16


3rd Period

11:22 - 1:24

Adobe Visual

1st Lunch

          11:16 – 11:44


2nd Lunch

          11:51 – 12:16


3rd Lunch

          12:21 – 12:46


4th Lunch

          12:57 – 1:24


4th Period

1:30 – 3:05

Multimedia and Web Design



        Statement of Student/Teacher/Parent or Guardian Understanding

We, the undersigned, understand the syllabus for Mrs. Wheeles class at Central Davidson High School as presented in the previous document and hereby pledge to work together in accordance with stated expectations and policies. We understand that Mrs. Wheeles will make herself available to the student and parent/guardian by appointment. Please email Mrs. Wheeles at [email protected] or call the school at 336-357-2920, to arrange a convenient time for all parties involved.







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