CDHS Reopening & Remote Learning Declaration Instructions

This is Mr. Coloton with an important update from Central Davidson High School pertaining to school opening for CDHS next month. This is going to be a lengthy message so please bear with me as I attempt to succinctly provide you with pertinent details. 

  1. Central will open its doors Monday August 17th  – Friday August 21st for approximately 20% of the student population each day that week. This week will be spent training students on the Learning Management Platform Canvas, giving out technology if necessary, building relationships with students, and other important information per course which is typical of a first day of school.  I will break up the student body by last name and will post that information based on last year’s publication declarations for sharing names and pictures of students in the public domain. 
  2. After the first week of school, ALL CDHS students will go to 100% remote learning for 3 weeks’ time, which will run from Aug 24th – September 11th. 
  3. On Monday September 14th, Central will reopen for face to face instruction and will enact Plan B per the orders of Gov. Cooper and the DCS BOE and Dr. Lipe. We will divide our students into two groups each comprising 50% of the school: an A group and B group.
    • The A group will be at school Mondays and Tuesdays with remote learning Wed – Fri.
    • The B group will be at school Thursdays and Fridays with remote learning Mon – Wed.
    • Again, we will post this information on the CDHS website and will follow publication declarations from the 19-20 school year. I will be splitting the entire student body in half based on last name. Requests for A day and B day will not be accepted from families. However, I will work with feeder pattern administration to help ensure families with siblings can attend school on the same days. I will commit to having this information available to the community by Friday Aug. 7th. Other entry details will be shared before school opens.
  4. If your student wishes to do school 100% remotely, please consider the following questions:
    • Does your child have a reliable device they can access Monday – Friday during normal school hours?
    • Does your child have reliable internet access that can support an acceptable amount of bandwidth such as attending Zoom meetings and viewing videos, etc.?
    • How well does your child do with remote learning, and how motivated are they to do work without direct instruction from a teacher?
    • Finally, the student must make a 9 week commitment to the online work. At the high school level we will not entertain students coming in before the nine week period is over. After the first quarter, students may elect to reevaluate their position and come back to school if they so choose.
  5. If you wish to declare for remote learning for your student, you, the parent, MUST call the school and talk to me directly OR they may talk to Ms. Alison Greene, the school’s data manager. We will begin this process next Monday July 27th, with a firm deadline of Monday August 3rd at 3:00 pm sharp.
    • Please note our hours of operation are changing next week as we will return to Monday – Friday with hours being 7:30-4:00.
    • When declaring your child,  please be ready to answer the questions I just stated, be sure to have your students personal ID ready, be ready to verify your address and phone numbers, and declare your child’s grade level.
    • Please note that personal schedules may be affected due to the performance based requirements of certain courses at our school.
    • This information will remain confidential and will only be shared with teachers for instructional purposes.
    • Again, I will say that we politely, and most certainly respect your decisions as a family given the current circumstances surrounding us today. You know what is best for your child and should do what is appropriate for their educational and personal needs. Please let me know, at any time, how I can support you and your child.
  6. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school at 336-357-2920. Thank you and have a great evening and be safe.