Welcome to my webpage, my name is Christi Swing and I have been a Business teacher at Central High for nine years.  Before that I taught at East Davidson for thirteen years. I received my Bachelor’s degree from the University of Greensboro in Business Education.



COVID-19 Classroom Changes


1. Check emails and the announcements on Canvas daily for new information 

2. Go to Canvas to complete assignments.


- Just as important as it was to attend class daily, all of my students should be checking Canvas daily. 


Forgetting to check your email and the announcements in Canvas is like missing class. Assignments will be far more confusing if you are not part of the discussion as we work through this together.

- If you forget to check one day, make sure you go back and read anything posted since you were there last (just like asking a teacher what you missed when absent).

- Luckily, in case you forget, Canvas automatically sends you an email anytime something new is added.

- As a general practice, you should be checking your school email daily since communications for many classes go through email.

- As always, please never hesitate to email me if you have any questions or concerns.

Contact Information:
336-357-2920 ext. 7510
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