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Welcome to the CDHS Media Center!

The MISSION of the CDHS Media Center is to:
  • Provide open access to information
  • Promote free exchange of ideas
  • Prepare students to be future-ready, globally competitive digital leaders
  • Inspire students to become lifelong readers, learners, and creators
VISION: The CDHS Media Center is the community center of the school, an active learning space where people come together to read, learn, share ideas, and create.
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To search our online catalog or learn about research resources, explore the menu options to the right. Don’t forget that Ms. Steed is a resource too! Let her help you find  the resource you’re looking for, whether it’s for class or personal use. She can always request what you need from the Lexington Public Library (which visits here once a month via the Bookmobile), and they’ll bring it just for you! She can also help with research-related questions such as finding/narrowing a topic, using and citing sources correctly, and other research and project-related questions.