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Central Davidson High School

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CDHS Weekly Update

  • This week is exam week at Central Davidson High School. Students should attend exam and review sessions for any class that has a state exam.
    • Tuesday morning will be 1st period exams followed by 2nd period review session in the afternoon.
    • Wednesday will be 2nd period exams and 3rd period reviews.
    • Thursday will be 3rd period exams and 4th period reviews.
    • And finally, Friday will be 4th period exams. Students will be allowed to leave after all exams are finished on Friday if they have transportation.
  • Attendance will be taken during exam and review sessions for all classes that have a state exam.
  • Students will stay in exam sessions until all exams across the entire school are completed. Students are reminded that they cannot have food in testing rooms, and they will have to turn over their cell phones for the entire exam period, again, until all exams are over in the whole school. We cannot check out any student while exams are taking place.
  • Math 3 students received a letter regarding their exam on Friday. Please review this information carefully, and know that you still must take the Math 3 exam to receive credit for the course. Failure to take the exam will result in no credit being awarded, no matter the grade in the class.
  • Any student who owes a detention can serve those during exam and review times in which they don't have a state exam. If transportation is a reason you are not able to serve your detentions, this opportunity alleviates that.
  • This Friday evening, our basketball programs will host Oak Grove High School at home, beginning with JV at 4:30 with varsity games after.

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