CDHS Update

This is Mr. Coloton with an update from CDHS.

We are beginning the registration process for the 2021-2022 school year. Next Tuesday, February 16, all students with last names A - J, which we consider our A day students regardless of being remote or in the building, will have to attend homeroom either in the building or from home. That will be from 9:50 - 10:30. So our A day kids in the building will go to homeroom and our remote kids should use the link provided by an admin or counselor and Zoom into the class meetings. That link will be sent to our remote students' emails and given to homeroom teachers for kids here in the building. At that meeting we will discuss registration and go over course offerings along with other timelines for registration.

Thursday, February 18th will be for our B day kids which are ALL kids' last names K - Z. So again, our in person B day kids will go to homeroom and our remote students with those last names should attend virtually. 

Another important piece of information is that for those students who are 100% remote. You need to come to school and pick up your preloaded envelopes and pick up these materials, We need to utilize the correct registration forms per class, which are color-coded. The following week Feb, 23 and Feb. 25, we will return to homeroom at school and turn in registration forms and our 100% Remote kids should return their forms in the original envelope to school by the 25th.

We will begin individual meetings with our students in March.

A reminder that next Monday February 15 is a non-instructional Holiday and we will resume school on Tuesday, Feb. 16. Our A day students will be at school next Tuesday and Wednesday (Feb 16 - 17) and our B day students will come next Thursday and Friday (Feb 18-19).

One final announcement, any student that is currently remote and is considering returning to school must make that decision by this Wednesday February 10 before noon. At that time, any student who is 100% remote, or makes the decision to go 100% remote, will NOT be able to return to in face instruction until the start of the 4th quarter in March.