CDHS Weekly Update

  1. At the Aug. 3rd Board of Education meeting, the Davidson County Board passed a new technology fee for all students. The amount for that fee is $35.00 and is now attached to all student accounts in School Cash Online. If you have not done so already, please make an account on School Cash Online and pay for all your students’ charges through that internet platform.
  2. Just want to remind everyone that we will begin school for students next week at 20% capacity. All students should report to Homeroom and should enter the building in the following locations:
    1. Student Drivers – Out back through the side gym door
    2. Car Riders – Please pull forward to the Student Services Entrance and enter in that door
    3. Bus Riders – Enter up the ramp into the commons like normal.

*** The break-out is by last name and please check the schools website for that information.

*** Also please remember it would be helpful to have the Universal Screening Form completed by the time your student comes to school or boards the bus. We will have screening stations at each entrance with CDHS staff ready to assist.

  1. After next week, we will then go to 100% remote learning for 3 weeks and that will last from Aug. 24 – Sept. 11. On Monday Sept. 14, we will then go to school A day and B day. Here is the breakout for A day and B Day kids.
    1. A Day is students last name A – J
    2. B Day is students last name K – Z

*** If you have siblings that are assigned different days, please contact the school ASAP to discuss what we can do to get both kids on the same schedule.

  1. If you have questions, please contact the school at 336-357-2920.