CDHS Weekly Update

Good evening, this is Mr. Coloton with an update from Central Davidson High School.

To all parents and students in grades 9-11, please read to this entire message as I will be providing very important information regarding final grading for this semester.
  1. First– Teachers will begin placing rubric points in the quarter 4 section of the gradebook. You will see the numbers as 0, 1, or 2 based on five categories. A very important fact is please do NOT be alarmed if you see them flagged as EXEMPT. That does not mean they are not taken into account in the student's final grade; it just means that the numbers are not averaged with the quarter 3 grade for a final average for the course.
  2. Second– By Friday June 5th, all final grades will be completed by teachers and can be viewed in the F1 column for grading. These grades take into account the student's quarter 3 grade plus the rubric points earned during remote learning. This will also be the final grade reflected for GPA purposes if you and your child elect to take the numerical grade as the final grade.
  3. Third– This is very important. Friday at 1:00 all students grades 9-11 will receive a Google form in their emails plus the link will be on our school’s website and shared on social media. This form will be where students should elect how they want their grades. Meaning do they wish to keep the numerical grade and have it averaged into their GPA, or do they wish to take the Pass or PC19? The form asks for student's name and identifies each student’s course by period and which teacher they have. This form is DUE by Tuesday June 9th by 12:00 sharp. Any student who does not complete the form will receive the PC19 for the course.
  • Just a reminder, students can still drop off books and uniforms at the front of the building each day in one of our collection bins.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the school at 336-357-2920. Thank you and have a good evening.