Grading Information for Underclassmen

6/5/2020 Update: Attention CDHS underclassmen & parents of underclassmen! Please respond to the following survey by no later than June 9 at noon in order to make your grade decision for spring semester classes: Students must be logged into their DCS email accounts to access the form!
6/3/20 Update: The following document provides helpful information concerning grade declaration for the spring semester: note that the CDHS Grades 9-11 Grade Decisions form mentioned at the end of the guide will be made available at 1 pm on Friday, June 5 and that all responses must be received no later than Tuesday, June 9 at noon.
5/21/20 Message: This is Mr. Coloton with an important message concerning underclassmen grading procedures for fourth quarter. Just to make you aware, this will be a lengthy message as I will try to convey to all students and parents in grades 9-11 how your final grades will be calculated for the year.
  • Point #1: As you may be aware, all students will be held harmless for their grades, which means that no student can receive a final grade lower than their 3rd quarter grade. It can only improve with work that has been completed during this time of remote learning.
  • Point #2: Students will receive one of three possible final grades.
    1. The first is a PC19, which is a simple pass for the class. The student receives credit for the class, but it is not calculated into the GPA.
    2. The second option, is if a student was not passing as of March 13 and did not do the work necessary to pass the class OR were over in days for attendance purposes as of March 13, those students will receive a withdrawal or WC19. The student would not receive credit for the course, but it would not affect the student’s GPA.
    3. The final option is a student can take a full numerical grade and assuming it is a passing grade, will get credit for the grade and it will factor into the GPA.
  • Point #3: So the big question is, how are we going to be graded and get a final grade? Davidson County Schools, along with feedback from administrators and teachers, have created a grading rubric for each teacher to use for all of their students. The rubric is split into 5 categories and each category can be given a score of 0, 1, or 2. So if you do the math, each child can receive a maximum score of 10 on the rubric. The rubric takes into account all the work the student has done through the remote learning experience and our certified teachers will award those points accordingly. So let’s look at an example for training purposes.
    • Let us say a student had an 85 for a 3rd QTR grade and the teacher awarded 8 points based on the rubric. The teacher will then add the 8 points to the 85, thus making a final grade of 93. So as you can see, this actually significantly helped this student as they went from a B average to an A average.
  • The final piece to the puzzle will be that students will receive word on what their grades will be in June and therefore will have to declare, to Central Staff, how they want this to be shown - meaning do they want the PC19, WC19, or to take the numerical grade for GPA purposes. We will be sending out a Google Form students will need to complete in order to indicate their preference.

I hope this helps a little. Parents & guardians, please have a look at the featured graphic (click to enlarge) as you and your student decide the best route to take with the grading declaration. We will also update this page as we get more information.