CDHS Weekly Update

Here is your weekly update from Mr. Colton. Seniors, please be aware there is also an additional message today (May 18) just for you.

  • If any student has personal belongings such as gym bags, medications, or clothing still left in the school perhaps in a locker or classroom, please call the school and Central staff will attempt to bag it up and have it ready for the next work drop off and item pick up scheduled for June 1st.
  • If you could not make the drop off last Friday, May 15 and still have school materials, please come by the school and drop those items off. Materials such as library books, uniforms, and textbooks need to be returned to school so please help us out with that. We will have a bin outside the door for you or your student to drop materials into and that will be available daily.
  • This Friday, May the 22nd, will be a busy day at Central as we have the following events taking place.
    1. First we will live stream the Senior Awards Ceremony beginning at 9:00 am. Please check our school website and social media for the site address later in the week.
    2. Second, seniors will be allowed to come to school and pick up items they won during the ceremony such as cords, awards, and scholarships. I would ask that seniors follow the same schedule for Yearbook pickup and get all items at the same time which would be the most convenient way for you.
    3. Third, all seniors are invited to make their way to Central Davidson Middle School as staff at the middle school have collected graduation cards for all seniors with various gift cards inside. Please go to their front circle to pick those items up.
    4. Finally, Friday will be yearbook distribution and pick up day for all students grades 9-12.
  • Students should have received an email from Mrs. Blackwood indicating whether or not a yearbook has been purchased for them as of today. Yearbooks will be distributed at the appointment times indicated in these emails. If you do not have email access to find your appointment time, please call the school for that information or check the school’s website. If you cannot come at your specified time, please plan to either come at 2:15 PM or on June 1 during work drop off. In other years, we have yearbooks picked up by the student recipient directly, but this year, we will distribute books to someone unless directed otherwise. Students, if you do not consent to having someone other than you pick up your yearbook, you must email Mrs. Blackwood by May 21 to let us know not to release your yearbook to anyone but you. Assume these requests were not received until you receive a reply from Mrs. Blackwood.
  • Student appointments as follows:
    • Personalized books A - Hensley @ noon
    • Personalized books Hernandez - Turner @ 12:30
    • Personalized books Tysinger - Z @ 1:00
    • Regular books A - Fry @ 1:15
    • Regular books Furr-Malek @ 1:30
    • Regular books Marker - Swing @ 1:45
    • Tate-Z @ 2:00
    • Missed appointment pickup @ 2:15
    • So again, seniors, once you come to school to pick up your yearbook, you can also pick up your materials from our Awards Ceremony.
  • Next Monday May the 25th is Memorial Day and Central Davidson will be closed to visitors. We will reopen with regular hours Tuesday May the 26th.
  • Thank you Spartan Community for your support and if you have questions please feel free to contact the school at 336-357-2920.