CDHS Update

Good evening, this is Mr. Coloton calling with an update from Central Davidson High School.

  1. First, I would like to say to our community how much I truly appreciate your patience, support, and resilience through this time. This has not been easy, but I know full well that everyone has done the best they can given the circumstances facing us.
  2. I also just want to make everyone aware, that yes, unfortunately we have gone ahead and cancelled prom this spring. That was a countywide decision but I assure you, not made lightly. All ticket money will be refunded over the next couple of weeks back into accounts from which it came.
  3. Our next round of work drop-off and pickup is scheduled for next Friday, May 15th. This will operate in the same manner as the other times, where drop-off will be at the front circle and pickup will be at the back of the school. Please remember to enter the back parking lot at the gate further down on Elijah Beck Road. Freshmen will be from 8-9 or 12-1, sophomores from 9-10 or 1-2, juniors from 10-11 or 2-3, and seniors from 11-12 or 3-4. This is also a great time to drop off anything that belongs to the school, including JROTC uniforms, sports uniforms, textbooks, and library books. It is also a good opportunity to pick up materials such as sports pictures and other purchased items, and we do have some seniors who still need to get their caps and gowns.
  4. Looking ahead just so our students in grades 9-11 know, our last drop-off for work and other materials will be Monday, June 1st. As of right now, we are making plans on returning any personal items to students that may be still on campus. More information for that is forthcoming, and we are also in the works to provide information for Yearbook Pickup and Dedication for all of our students. 
  5. As of now, I would urge students to continue to work on their classes, if for nothing else, to be ready for the next level of coursework. I will help explain how grading and grades will be processed within a week or two.
  6. Seniors, please be aware, a survey on graduation preference is on our school website and also on the Davidson County Schools website. Please take a minute to fill that out as we would appreciate your feedback. We will also have further information coming regarding our Awards Ceremony, which we are scheduled to have Friday May 22 at 9:00, which will be live streamed and recorded. Pickup for cords and awards will be announced once we know more about how graduation will be handled.
  7. We would also like to make our community aware that Central has purchased Senior Yard Signs for ALL of our June graduates. If you would like to contribute to that cause, please make a check out to Central Davidson High School with Senior Signs on the memo line, and feel free to drop that off at school or put into the mail. This is just one small token of respect and appreciation we feel is necessary to honor our graduating Class of 2020.
Again, thanks for your support. If you have questions, please contact the school at 336-357-2920. Thanks and have a good evening.