A Message from Mr. Coloton to Our Class of 2020

To our senior students and parents, I wish that we were in a considerably different situation than the one we find ourselves in, and my heart goes out to you and your senior student. But we are Spartan Strong and we will find a way to get through this together. As stated before, the staff and I at Central Davidson High are committed to making this experience as positive as we can given the current circumstances. Today, the CDHS faculty and I met and outlined various steps and activities that we will do at the school to help ease the frustration for our students.

  1. Prom, at this point, is postponed. We are using the word postponed, because like so many events, I had hopes we would return to school and have our events as planned, but of course all that has changed as of 2:00 Friday afternoon.
  2. We will begin by honoring each of our senior students by placing a slide show on our school’s website. Please check our website to view your child’s picture later this week or early next week.
  3. Please look for a Facebook post and announcement from our yearbook advisor, Ms. Sara Blackwood, which outlines steps anyone can take to make a donation on behalf of a graduating senior who has NOT yet purchased a yearbook. Directions will be provided for anyone who wishes to purchase a yearbook on behalf of these seniors.
  4. I am excited to announce that we will still hold an Awards Ceremony. The Awards Ceremony, originally scheduled for May 22, will go on, but will be streamed live where representatives from Central will call out student awards, cord earners, and scholarship recipients. Seniors or other spectators will not be on hand, but we feel it is necessary to honor those graduates who have earned these accolades. The date and time may change, but please be on the lookout for additional information and details regarding this event.
  5. Currently, we are exploring creative ways to pass out yearbooks to our students and especially our seniors. Please be on the lookout for this information as well.
  6. Finally, we are committed to putting together a meaningful and positive graduation. Myself, along with other county officials, are exploring various options for holding a graduation that can be remembered for you and your graduate. Please understand we must follow a framework of guidelines set by state and local officials.

These are just a few items we have discussed but again, please check our school’s website often for up to date information regarding these events. Until then, I hope everyone stays safe and healthy. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us at school at 336-357-2920.

Thank you and have a good evening.