Mr. Aaron Brewer

Aaron Brewer 
Agriculture Education
336-357-2920 ext 7597
     My purpose is to prepare students for a career after high school. Students enrolled in a Ag class will leave high school with welding skills, and horticultural skills needed for various working positions. My main goal I want my students to have is to have a good work ethic in everything they do. I expect all students to take pride in their work and always give their best.
Bio: I graduated from NC State in 2015 with a bachelors degree in Agriculture education with a minor in natural resources.I am the FFA Adviser here at central, if you want to join FFA or are interested please don't hesitate to ask. 
 Classroom Expectations/Rules: 
No horse playing in the shop.
Be prepared for class.
No sleeping in class.
Keep limbs to yourself.
Follow All School Rules!
Take pride in your work, always do your best.
Have a good attitude about each day.
Have a good work ethic.
Grading Policy:
60% Major, 40% Minor, 20% CTE Final Exam.
Upcoming Dates:
Truck and tracor practice Tuesdays and Thursdays.