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Student Services Information

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Welcome to Student Services!

We are here to help students navigate through their academic, career, and social development.  

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Davidson County Schools Promotion Requirements

In order to be promoted from one grade to the next, a student must earn a specified number of credits. The credits below are based on a student having an opportunity to earn 8 credits in a school year.

Promotion to 10th grade - 6 credits

Promotion to 11th grade - 13 credits

Promotion to 12th grade - 20 credits


Credits Required for Graduation


English               4 credits

Math                  4 credits

Science              3 credits

Social Studies   4 credits

PE/Health         1 credit

Concentration* 4 credits

Electives           8 credits

Total Credits Required:  28 credits


*Students may complete a concentration in an arts area, JROTC, CTE, or academic area.


Grading Scale


100-90   A   (4 quality points)

89-80     B   (3 quality points)

79-70     C   (2 quality points)

69-60     D   (1 quality point)

50-0       F   (0 quality point)


1 extra quality point is added for AP and CCP courses.

½ extra quality point is added for Honors Courses.

Michelle Kirk, Registrar

DeAnna Carpenter, Counselor & MTSS

Michelle Henderson, School Social Worker

Ashley Landes, Counselor & 504 Coordinator

Rebekah Tarplee, Counselor & Concussion Protocol

Nathan Tongel, Career Development Coordinator/College and Career Promise