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Central Davidson High School

2747 NC Hwy 47 | Lexington, NC 27292 phone Phone: 336-357-2920 phone Fax: 336-357-5175

CDHS Weekly Update

Here are the weekly updates for Central Davidson High School.
  • Seniors with money left on their lunch accounts will need to ask a cashier for a refund. If the balance is over $25, you will have to complete a form in order to have a check mailed to you.
  • Senior exams are as follows:
    • Tuesday morning, first period
    • Tuesday afternoon, third period
    • Wednesday morning, second period
    • Wednesday afternoon fourth period
    • Afternoon exams will begin promptly at noon, so seniors should eat first lunch and then report to their testing locations.
  • For underclassmen, all attendance counted towards exam exemption through Monday.  After Monday, if students are exempt from an exam or have earned certification, an absence from an exam period or study session will not affect their status.
  • However, for any class that a student has an exam in, attendance does count during both the exam period and the study session. Attendance during study sessions is expected, as final exams count 20% of a student's grade.
  • Underclassmen will have their exams each morning this week, followed by a review session in the afternoon for the next day's exams.
  • Friday is no longer an early release day. Students with transportation will be released at around 11:30, but buses will not run until 3 pm.
  • During exam days, we cannot release students prior to the end of the exam period, which will be around 11:30 each morning.
  • Seniors are reminded of the mandatory graduation practice at 1:30 pm on Friday.