CDHS Update

  1. Just a reminder that next week is a shortened week. Next Monday and Tuesday March the 29th and 30th are A Days, and Wednesday and Thursday March 31 and April 1st are B Days. We will observe our Easter Holiday and Spring Break April 2nd through April 11th, returning to school Monday April 12th.
  2. In reference to returning to school Monday April 12th, last week the Davidson County School Board approved that all high schools will now operate under Plan A beginning Monday April 12th, which allows all in person students to come to school 4 days a week. So on a typical week Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday all students should report to school. There is no more A day and B day. Wednesdays will remain as asynchronous remote days for students. Plan A also requires that students have the option to exercise the right to be 100% remote. Here is how we will handle this transition at CDHS with these three options.
    1. If you are a 100% remote student and wish to return to school for 4 days of in person instruction, YOU MUST CALL the school and make that declaration by next Tuesday March the 30th by 3:00 so we can make plans for instruction when we return to school next month.
    2.  If you are a student who comes to school on A day and B day and you wish to continue in person instruction, then no action is required of you.
    3. If you are a 100% remote student and wish to remain a 100% remote student, then again, NO action is required of you. You will simply continue as a remote student.
We would like to have our students make their final decisions on remote vs. in person learning by next Tuesday March the 30th and would like for that decision to be firm and final as we make arrangements and finish out our 20-21 school year. We understand that students can go 100% remote anytime, but would like to emphasize the importance of helping us out so we can monitor student progress and whereabouts for attendance purposes throughout the remainder of the year. 
If you have any questions, please call the school office at 336-357-2920. Thank you and have a good evening.