School Directory

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Valerie Feezor, Principal,

Matthew Coloton, Assistant Principal,

Kevin Hudson, Assistant Principal,


John Akridge, JROTC,

Carolyn Allred, Student Services,

Gwen Barnes, Business,

Chris Bartlett, Science,

Sara Blackwood, English,

Matthew Bowers, Social Studies,

Aaron Brewer, CTE,

Jack Booze, CTE,

Dwayne Buie, CTE,

Cindy Burris, Spanish,

Jennifer Cayer, Health/PE,

Sterling Charles, CTE,

Russell Creel, Math,

Trey Crook, Math,

Jo Dicus, EC,

Tom Duncan, JROTC,

Ryne Elmore, CTE,

Kim Everhart, ISS,

Jill Fender, CTE,

Becky Fisher, Student Services,

Joy Gadberry, EC,

Vanise Goodnight, Art,

Pam Gray, EC,

Alison Greene, Data Manager,

Alex Greer, SRO,

Lauren Gunnell-Beck, Science,

Marcus Hamilton, Social Studies,

Ruth Hartsook, AP Computer Science,

Chad Hench, English,

Kim Hendrick, Social Worker,

Ryan Hines, Science,

Kevin Hudson, Health/PE/Athletic Director,

Marilyn Idol, EC,

Amy Kearns, Treasurer,

Sonya Keene, Attendance,

Charles Killebrew, English,

Michelle Kirk, Office,

Kelly Kitson, Social Studies,

Ashley Landes, Student Services,

Mindy Lawson, CTE,

Wendy Lewis, EC,

Tony Lindsay, Math,

Jay Lineberry, Social Studies,

Kim Magee, Media,

Dale Martin, Math,

Kristin Miller, CTE,

Chris Motsinger, CTE,

Kim Nanney, Math,

Kathy Oliver, Spanish,

Julie Parker, English,

Matthew Parsons, Science,

Matthew Patterson, EC,

Krysta Perkins, English,

Jonathan Poore, Science,

Lisa Pritchard, Business,

Tonia Queen, Cafeteria,

Alan Reavis, Social Studies,

Steven Roberts, Chorus,

Caleb Robertson, Social Studies,

Karrie Sink, ACH,

Brittany Shaw, Social Studies,

Shelia Smith, English,

Sammy Staten, Credit Recovery/Online Courses,

Lorie Steed, Media Coordinator,

Matthew Stewart, Math,

Christi Swing, Business,

Shawn Talent, ETS,

Rebekah Tarplee, Student Services,

Chad Tedder, Health/PE,

Amanda Thompson, English,

Nathan Tongel, CTE/Internships,

Clayton Trivett, Heath/PE/Football Coach,

Dustin Tysinger, Health/PE,

Matthew Tysinger, Social Studies,

Donovan Vinson, Science,

Carl Weaver, CTE,

Nora Weaver, English,

Rodney Workman, Band,