Intern Evaluation Form
Intern Evaluation Form

Items denoted with a red asterisk * are required.

 * Intern Name:
First Name
       Last Name
 * Business Name:
The Intern:
 * accepts and fulfills responsibilities
 * exercises good judgement
 * is friendly and courteous
 * accepts differences in others
 * is accepted well by other employees
 * is dependable
 * is willing to accept suggestions
 * conscientious in fulfilling assignments
 * follows directions
 * work is neat and accurate
 * is honest and sincere
 * asks appropriate questions
 * reports to site on time
 * calls if unable to attend
 * is cooperative and industrious
 * is creative - displays enthusiasm and initiative
 * is flexible
 * Date
 * Name of Supervising Sponsor
First Name
       Last Name
The Sponsor's grade (above) and the grade for meeting the requirements of the internship program determined by the school will account for 50% of the intern's final grade.

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