Accuplacer Testing and DCCC Course Registration Requirements

Central Davidson and DCCC are teaming up to give our students the opportunity to take the Accuplacer test on our campus in order to qualify for Career and College Promise classes at DCCC. This is a computer-based test and will be given in Room 214.  All dates are on a Wednesday.  Students should register on Mr. Tongel’s door or in the office.  Seats are limited.

Dates for the Accuplacer test are as follows:

  • 10/14
  • 11/18
  • 12/9
  • 1/13 (after exams)
  • 2/17
  • 3/16

Students wishing to take DCCC courses must have a 3.0 GPA (principal can sign waiver for Career and Technical classes only, no college transfer) and meet benchmark test scores.  Students not meeting benchmarks must accuplacer test. Scores can be combined from different tests to meet benchmarks.

Test                       PLAN     PSAT      ACT        SAT

English                 15           45           18           500

Reading               18           47           22           500

Math                     19           47           22           500

Link to DCCC Placement Test page:

Link to the Accuplacer study guide:

Link to the FREE app for test prep:;jsessionid=YKwTS6KSQWQDGLCYNQyKsWP9FLXxhVmf6xzV21n8lD4g3tNHvfTy%21375785640%211109975543?Itemkey=130095417&category=540&categoryName=Accuplacer&secondCategory=&secondCatName=&thirdLevelCategory=&thirdLevelCat

Link to FREE Khan Academy help: