Applying to College

College Application Information

ÔםAPPLICATION DEADLINES:  Deadlines for many college applications are quickly approaching.  Be sure to check college websites to determine when your application is due.  The sooner you get your application in, the better!Below is some information that may be helpful to you as you begin the College Admission Process!

How do I Apply to College?
Well, that depends! Where are you applying? What does that school require? There is not one set answer to this question. You ALWAYS need to check with each college you are interested in applying to. However, the following list is true for most schools.
Completed admissions application - Applications are most often accessed through the school's website or (if it is a North Carolina school).
Application Fee - Many schools (especially state-supported schools) require a fee to submit your application. Check on the school's website or call/email the school to determine if there is an application fee. Application fees range anywhere from $30 to $100 or more. The Student Services Office does have application fee waivers, accepted by most schools, for students whose family income meets designated guidelines.
High School Transcript - This is your high school academic record. Your transcript is a huge part of the admissions decision process for most colleges. Look below to find out how to send your transcript to colleges.
College Admissions Testing - The ACT and SAT are college admissions tests. Most schools will accept either test. You must have your scores send directly by ACT or College Board (SAT) to colleges. See below to find out how to do this.

When Do I Need to Take the SAT or ACT?
If you are applying to a 4 year college or university, you need to begin taking the SAT or ACT in your junior year. Some college applications have early deadlines beginning in the middle of October. If you wait until your senior year to take a college admissions test, you may not have time to improve your score (if necessary) before deadlines have passed. It is recommended that you take the SAT/ACT at least 2 times in your junior year. If you need or want to improve your score after your junior year, you need to take a college admissions test as early as possible in the fall semester.
If you are applying to a community college or technical school, you most likely don't need to take the SAT or ACT. Most community college/tech schools have their own placement test that they use in place of the SAT or ACT. Check websites or call/email to make sure.

Types of Application Decisions

Rolling Admission - Decisions on applications are made continuously, based on when applications and materials arrive.
Decision Date Admission - Applicants are notified of admission decisions on a particular date.
Early Action - Applicants may choose to apply by an early deadline and will receive a decision by an early date. This decision is not binding.
Early Decision - Applicants may choose to apply by an early deadline and will receive a decision by an early date. This decision is binding (if admitted, a student is making a commitment to attend that college). 

Sending High School Transcripts
There are several different ways students can have transcripts sent to colleges. Review below to determine how you need to send your transcript.
College Foundation (CFNC) - If you are applying to a North Carolina college/university or community college, you may do so through the CFNC website. Many NC colleges link the application on their school website to the CFNC website. To have your transcript sent electronically, enter your student ID (lunch number) in the appropriate place on the application. Your transcript will automatically be uploaded.
Common Application - if the college you are applying to utilizes the Common Application, your transcript will need to be uploaded by a school counselor. You need to enter the email address of the counselor in the Recommenders section of your Common App. The counselor will automatically send your transcript. 
SENDEdu - A select number of schools utilize the SENDEdu service to request transcripts electronically. (Western Carolina University, Wingate University and Lenior-Ryne University are the most common at CDHS.) You will need to enter the email address of your counselor, and then your transcript will automatically be uploaded.
Transcript Request Form - If you are unable to electronically request your application, you may come to the Student Services Office to fill out a transcript request form. Your transcript will be printed out and mailed to the college. Please allow a full 2 weeks for your transcript to be mailed and received by the college.

Sending SAT and ACT Scores
SAT or ACT scores are a required part of the admission application to most 4 year colleges and universities. Your SAT and ACT scores do not appear on your high school transcript; therefore you must have it sent separately. When you register to take the SAT or ACT, you may request to have your scores sent directly to up to 4 colleges. Be sure to do this. It is included in the cost of the test. To have your official scores sent to colleges after you take the test, you must request to have that done through your SAT or ACT online account.

VISIT, VISIT, VISIT!!!College visits are VERY important in determining the right place for you!Plan to visit each college you are interested in attending. You may schedule campus tours (often done on weekdays) through college websites and/or calling or emailing the school. Be sure you do this in advance of your visit to make sure a campus tour is available. Most colleges also have open house events (often on Saturdays) that provide a very comprehensive look at the school. This information is also available on college websites. Visit the admissions (or undergraduate admissions) page on the website to gather this information.College Open House Events: Open House events are scheduled at most colleges and universities.  Students and parents interested in a college should visit the Undergraduate Admissions website for those schools.  Call the Admissions office if you have any questions or cannot find the information you need.  The following are schools that have sent information to CDHS about specific open house events.

Below are some frequently visited schools, many more are not listed but offer similar events;

·        UNC Charlotte

·        Western Carolina

·        NC State

·        Catawba College

·        UNC Greensboro

·        East Carolina