General Information

Passes & Sign-in

Sign in at the circulation desk when you come to the Media Center, unless you are with a class.

You must have a note or pass from a teacher when visiting the media center during class time. When leaving the media center, have Ms. Steed or Mrs. Magee initial and write the time that you left, and give that note to your teacher upon returning to class.

Lunch and PLC passes: To visit the media center during lunch or Tuesday PLC time, pick up a pass from the circulation desk ahead of time and write your name beside the number of the pass you've taken. Show the pass to a teacher or administrator when leaving, and when you get to the media center, return your pass to a staff member and initial and write the time of arrival on the appropriate list.

If you do not return your  pass, you will lose media privileges until you return the pass or pay 50 cents for a replacement.

Checkout & Return

Check out books by bringing them to the circulation desk and providing your first and last name to one of the media staff.  Please note when the book is due so you can return it on time. General materials may be checked out for 2 weeks, but may be renewed for an additional 2 weeks. Multiple renewals are allowed if no one else needs the materials. High-demand books may be checked out for 1 week. Research reserve titles and reference materials may be checked out overnight only, from the end of one school day until 8 the next morning. Magazines may also be checked out overnight.

Return materials by placing them on the book cart stationed beside the circulation desk. Books must be returned or renewed on or before the due date in order to avoid overdue fines. Overdue fines for general materials are 5 cents per day; overdue fines for overnight materials are 50 cents per day.

Computer, Chromebook, iPad, & Internet Use

Computers/Chromebooks/iPads:  The media center houses one lab of 24 computers and 2 computers for independent work. There are also 15 computers each in Labs MC 1 & 2, 25 computers in MC 3, one PC cart of 30 laptops, and 35 iPads that teachers may check out for classroom use. In addition, there are 11 Chromebook carts of 30 Chromebooks each. Ten of the Chromebook carts are housed in various departments, while one is housed in the Media Center and may be checked out by any staff member who does not have access to another cart.

Chromebook Policy: Teachers should refer to the shared Google doc titled "Chromebook Implementation" for guidelines specific to using the Chromebooks.

Computers, Chromebooks, and iPads are to be used for education and inquiry. Playing games, visiting social networking sites, and using other features you don't need is prohibited unless required for class. Please clear with the media staff beforehand if this is the case.

Davidson County Acceptable Use Policy is in effect at all times. Students who violate this policy will lose Internet privileges for a length of time determined by the infraction, possibly all year.

Permission Forms: All students must complete an Acceptable Use Agreement form that covers use of equipment, Internet, email, and other Web 2.0 tools. Students cannot use the school's electronic equipment without having a form on file. Media staff will keep a record of student forms and compile a spreadsheet teachers may check to verify if their students have permission before allowing them to use computers, Chromebooks, or iPads.

Saving Your Work: If possible, bring a flash drive from home to save your work, or save to your student Google account. Students can also save to the H drive of the server once they are logged in to their individual student accounts. Save early and often so that you do not lose your work due to unexpected issues!

Student Login: 
Each student has an individual login that should be used when signing onto library and lab computers. This login is the same as your gmail login, minus

Use of Labs: Teachers should sign up for use of the Media Center, iPads, upstairs computer labs, and mobile labs housed in the Media Center through Mrs. Magee or Mrs. Talent. Email the dates and class periods you need the labs, as well as what students will be working on. For the Chromebook carts housed in various departments, use the Google calendar to schedule usage, following the same guidelines as above (name/time/use). Please be considerate of your coworkers when reserving large blocks of time.

Equipment should be used as it relates to meeting 21st century learning goals and fulfilling the curriculum. When using mobile equipment, remember the following: (1) You may send students to pick up or drop off equipment, but please make sure they do so responsibly. (2) Teachers should closely supervise the use of mobile equipment in the classroom, using the sign-out sheets and checking each item's condition before and after use. Notify media staff immediately of any damaged or missing equipment. Also make sure students are careful when getting items in and out of the carts to minimize wear and tear. (3) All students should be assigned the same number each time they use mobile equipment. (4) All equipment should be accounted for before students leave the room. Please let us know if you need help facilitating these procedures.

Other Materials, Services, & Resources

In addition to the books and computers housed in the lower media center, mobile labs, and classrooms, we offer the following:

Magazines:  Current issues of popular magazines may be found in the student lounge area and can be checked out overnight. There are also back issues teachers may bring to their rooms for supplemental reading or for art projects.

Newspapers:  Daily issues of the Dispatch are available for reading in the media center, but please return them before leaving. Also check out our Newspapers link for online reading.

Copies:  There is no charge for copies or printouts as long as they are needed for class and are not excessive.

Supplies:  Mechanical pencils are sold in the media center for 50 cents.

Cameras:  We have a limited number of digital cameras and Flip Video cameras available for overnight checkout. Students must complete an equipment request form and are responsible for making sure equipment is returned undamaged and on time; otherwise they must pay to replace the equipment. Cameras not turned in on time will incur a $1.00 per day charge. Please note that we cannot provide batteries, so teachers or students must plan ahead and be prepared to supply your own batteries for the duration of the project.

Website:  Visit the CDHS media center website to find resources you can use at school or at home.  In addition to providing access to book lists and ACT/SAT practice sites, there are many other valuable resources accessible through the website. NC WiseOwl, for instance, provides online journal articles and ebooks through the Student Research link and may help fulfill a print source requirement for research projects. EasyBib is an excellent resource for citing sources easily and accurately. Purdue's OWL (Online Writing Lab) provides in-depth information about following research guidelines.

Please follow all school rules, and be courteous and respectful of others so that

the school library is a place conducive to learning, enjoyment, and inspiration.