Raider Team

OIC: C/CPT Matthew Lambert

NCOIC: C/MAJ Ethan Bowles

Raider team practice is Monday- Thursday after school 3pm-5pm 


To earn the black Raider Cord and be a TABBED Raider you need to pass the PT Test, and attend at least half of the practices and competitions.  At the end of the semester those cadets that earn and maintain the Raider Cord will get to keep their tab and will be awarded the Raider Arc.

The Following are members of the 2016-17 Raiders.

Cadet's Name Cadet Rank
Matthew Lambert C/CPT
Nathan Cavander
Loeren Dilday  C/SGT
April Barnhill  C/LTC
Carly Beck  C/CPT
Kristen Boren  C/MAJ
Ethan Bowels  C/MAJ
Rain Wilson  C/CPL
Ian Sheeley  C/SGT
Jeffrey Davis  C/PVT
Ethan Hedrick  C/SGT
Lillian Sheeley  C/PV1
Abigail Nutter
Jacob Tant  C/1LT
Caleb Tant
Kayce Revelle
Dylan Underwood  C/CPT
Kyle Cavander

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Raider Team
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