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For the 2017-2018 school year I will be teaching a new Advanced Placement course at Central! AP Computer Science Principles.
Click here to see an overview and a short video describing the new course.

This will be a one semester course. The course covers broad topics in Computer Science and differs from AP Computer Science A in that it does not focus solely on learning a programming language.

Per the College Board:

"What’s the difference between AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A?

The AP Computer Science A course and exam focus on computing skills related to programming in Java. The new AP Computer Science Principles course will complement AP Computer Science A and will focus on the broader aspects of computing, including computing with large-scale data, the Internet, and cybersecurity. Visit Course Details for more information."

AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A are independent of each other and one is not a prerequisite of the other. Students can potentially take both of these courses!

Introduction to and AP Computer Science will still be offered as well and will remain focused on teaching the Java programming language.

Contact Information:
    336-357-2920 ext. 7523

Course syllabus is in the AP Computer Science Resources link in the First Day Paperwork folder.

Bell Schedule:
1st period: 8:00-9:30
3rd period: 11:17-1:20 (with 2nd lunch)
4th period: 1:27-2:57

room 219 - a binary palindrome!

For traveling students:

The main parking area is behind the school.  To park, take a left off of NC Highway 47  onto Elijah Beck Road just as you pass the high school (you will see a large billboard with the school mascot - a Spartan).  You will then see a large gated lot on your left. Teacher spaces are marked yellow. Be sure to have your parking pass from your home school displayed.

Once parked you can enter through the cafeteria, cross the cafeteria, up the stairwell to room 219! Your school has more detailed directions for you.

Ruth Hartsook

I currently teach Introduction to Computer Science in the fall and Advanced Placement Computer Science in the spring.  The courses are offered 1st, 3rd and 4th periods to all Davidson County high school students and should be arranged through the students' home school. Traveling students must be able to provide their own transportation to class on a daily basis.

In these courses
students will learn to program in Java. No prior programming experience is necessary.


And the good news is... since adding this course in 2003, the average pass rate of my students taking the Advanced Placement exam in Computer Science in Davidson County is 85%, far better than the state or national average! Come join us!

I can arrange for conferences after school (after 3:00) most days. Just email me at to arrange a conference.

I expect students to be prepared and in class on time. We cover the material, which is college level work, at a rapid pace. It is imperative for all students to be in class daily! Should students need after school help or extra time for classroom assignments I can arrange to assist them after school. 

We do many labs in class which are actually creating computer software, i.e. - programming in the Java programming language. There is very little assigned homework, but students need to prepare for quizzes and tests as needed. Review and test preparation materials will be available online in the "Learn and Practice" section.

The syllabus is in the "AP Computer Science Resources" section. All assignments will be available for download from the "Links and such" section. Students will also receive paper copies.

The grading policy is  mandated by the county office. To read about this,   click here .

For your viewing pleasure... here is the "bug" in our program recently! Enjoy!

Some background information about me:

Previous Experience:

AP Computer Science Exam Reader
Oracle Database Design and Programming Trained
National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

Davidson County Schools (1999-2006)

Web Design Teacher
Davidson County Schools (2000 -2004)
Students from this class won the Multi Media Mania Award!
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Davidson County Schools (1999 - 2000)


Duke Power Company
Wachovia Bank
Sara Lee Corporation
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