Band Program


The Bands at Central Davidson have had a long tradition of excellence since the band program began in 1960. There are currently 190 members enrolled in the HS band program, in a school of 950 students. There are 2 large Symphonic Band classes that meeting daily for the entire school year. The 100 member “Marching Band” is an extra curricular and non-competitive activity in the fall semester. There are 3 Middle School Bands on our campus as well comprised of about 310 students. 27% of the students on the Central Davidson campus are enrolled in the band program this school year. For the past 25 years the concert bands have been very active at our State Music Performance Assessment held in late March of each year and have earned 48 Superior Ratings in that time in Grades II, III, IV, V and VI. In 2015 the 8th Grade Band earned all Superior Ratings in Grade IV, the HS Symphonic Band earned all Superior Ratings in Grade V, and the HS Wind Ensemble earned all Superior Ratings in Grade VI. In addition to MPA, the bands have also performed at the Dixie Classic Festival, the National Festival of States, and both the Middle and High School Bands have been a featured Concert Bands at the North Carolina Music Educator’s Association Convention. The band was most recently invited to perform in Washington D.C. at the United State’s Army Band’s Invitational Concert Band Festival, “The President’s Cup”.

 Students in our band program represent every sport offered on our campus. In the 2015-2016 school year 120+ band students also played a Fall of Spring sport at the High School alone. A large number of our band students are in our National Honor Society Chapter, Tri-M Honor Society, and we are very proud that our students are academically very successful. Last year the #1 student in each grade level and Senior Valedictorian were all band students. As individuals our students audition for the All County, District and State Bands, as well as the Region and State Orchestra each year. 140 of our students made the MS and HS All County or All District Bands this year alone. Our students are also very active at Solo and Ensemble MPA, where they prepare solos and chamber music for evaluation. Last year we had almost 200 students participate in Solo/Ensemble MPA earning more than 160 individual Superior Ratings.